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Market potential survey

We carry out a survey using a questionnaire in order to evaluate the market potential of a driving assistance system for wheelchairs (manual or powered).

The purpose of the survey is to provide an answer to the following questions:

We need the opinion of all our stakeholders: users, healthcare professionals, students, researchers, manufacturers, vendors, charities, mutualities.

We want to show, through a massive participation of the people concerned, that it is essential to offer people in wheelchairs the same technology as what can now be found in cars, and that this can be done in an economically viable way.
To fill in the questionnaire, please click below:

The report with the results of this survey will be available in June 2020 on our website. If you have any questions or additional requests you can contact us by e-mail

A massive participation to this survey is crucial, as the results will be published in a report that we will send to companies and public institutions in charge of inclusion.

17 February 2020